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“In these cultural and natural history tours of the Southwest, including Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, I provide interpretive assistance as a step on guide and educator. You provide the transportation. I design individualized educational programming according to the needs of the individual, family, institution, or school.

“I have often been asked to give an in-depth cultural view of the Four Corners area. I work with licensed outfitters and institutions to present a most interesting tour tailored to your learning interests.

“Costs are developed based upon my or other experts’ daily base fee and any other logistical or educational/interpretive support we agree on while designing your personalized tour.

“I promise to deliver a different and definitive perspective of current and past cultures as well as detailed interpretation of the local natural environment. See Gallery pics above to give you an idea…

“We at times offer volunteer opportunities with my partners in the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Contact me via email for details on these unique possibilities, or check on my research page to find out what help is needed in archives or the field documentation process. No fees are charged to you as a volunteer. Individuals are chosen by written application and specific research requirements.” — Fred Blackburn

Contact me if you would like to arrange a specially tailored tour.